Super Rock Paper Scissor Showdown (SRPSS) is obviously a rock paper scissor game styled as a fighting game, but there is a TWIST! The twist is Mastery, if you win with your Mastered attack then you deal extra damage.  I have replaced the boring rock paper scissors with counter feint slash to make things a little cooler.

You can play against an AI, or another player on the same computer.

Player 1 Controls

  • 1 - Slash
  • 2 - Counter
  • 3 - Feint

Player 2 Controls

  • 8 - Slash
  • 9 - Counter
  • 0 - Feint


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This is a really fun and fresh take on rock paper scissors! I really like the artwork, animations and colors. They all work well together. I'll definitely save this to play with another player sometime! Great work!  

Stunning artwork and very well executed

Fun.I like the "Kill Bill" style and the  modern samurai style